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In a modern world where people order their services—and even products—online, testimonials are often considered a very important trust factor. It is estimated that over 88% of people will read reviews to figure out the quality of a local business.

72% of consumers report that positive reviews make them trust local businesses while close to 90% of consumers note that they trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations.

If you have run your business for a while now, you probably already know that trust is what convinces homeowners to request tree services from a particular business. Even with the best tree service marketing methods, generating tree service leads can become hard if you cannot show potential customers that your business is trustworthy.

As noted above, reviews are one of the most effective ways of convincing homeowners that your tree care company offers the best services. However, the big question is—after generating reviews on either Google or Yelp, how do you make these reviews work for you?

In this detailed guide, we will focus on answering this question. We will show you the various ways successful companies use their reviews to optimize conversion rates. Read on to learn how to use customer reviews for marketing.

5 Tips on How to Use Customer Reviews to Generate Home Service Leads

1.   Place Customer Reviews on Social Media

When it comes to generating exclusive tree service leads, social media is always a good place to start. Statista estimates that after China and India, the United States is home to the third-largest social media audience globally.

With more than 302 million social media users, the US has a social media penetration rate of 90%. From these statistics, it is easy to see that almost every homeowner in the US—the people looking for tree services—is on social media.

Most people on social media form their opinions based on what brands and businesses post. For this reason, one of the best places to post your reviews is social media.

Facebook has the highest number of users in the United States, followed closely by Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. The good thing about all these social media channels is that they allow you to post pictures. Therefore, you can easily generate high-worth tree service leads by taking screenshots of your reviews and posting them on your social media accounts.

Consider getting a little bit creative with your social media posts. For example, you can share posts with quotes alongside the customer’s testimonial. You can then include a link to your custom-designed tree service website—when social media users relate to your posts, their chances of visiting your website increase.

2.   Include Testimonials on Your Blog

When it comes to tree service SEO, one of the most important things you can do is ask your developer to include a blog section when building your tree service website. A blog section allows you to target all the keywords your potential customers use on search engines when looking for the services offered by your business. While targeting the keywords, you also get a chance to educate your audience and add value to their lives.

Adding reviews to your blog is one of the best ways to increase the conversion rate on your website. When new website visitors are reading your content, the customer testimonials can easily grab their attention and make them want to know more about your tree service business.

One of the best places to position your customer reviews is on your blog’s sidebar. When a specific reader stops by your write-up, he or she is also likely to check the testimonials.

Keep in mind that the appearance of your testimonials often affects the attention they receive from readers. Therefore, working with a professional to create a good design for the testimonials can help you get tree service customers fast.

3.   Create a Dedicated Page for Customer Reviews on Your Website

When it comes to including reviews on your website, do not just limit yourself to having them on the sidebar when someone is reading your blog. Go a step further and create a page dedicated to customer testimonials.

Placing testimonials on your landing page inspires trust in new visitors. When new visitors turn into leads after being inspired by the good results you have generated for other homeowners in the past, multiplying your lead closing rate by three becomes easier. All you will need is a good lead nurturing process.

The primary aim of having testimonials displayed on a specific page on your website is to make new website visitors feel that previous customers have found your tree care services useful. In a way, this convinces them that your services are good and raises your chances of closing more tree service deals.

4.   Use Testimonials on Your Offline Marketing Materials

Even though most people nowadays are often comparing digital marketing technics—like Pay Per Click marketing vs. search engine optimization or Google ads vs. Facebook ads—this does not mean that you need to drop offline marketing methods completely.

Brochures, flyers, and postcards can still help with your marketing. These marketing methods, however, generate better results when they have customer testimonials on them. By revealing what your previous customers are saying about your business, you will be drawing the attention of the target customer.

5.   Use Customer Reviews on Paid Ads

While there is no doubt about the benefits of advertising online with Google, you can improve the results you generate from tree service pay-per-click advertising by leveraging your customer reviews. One of the best tree service advertising methods, a combination of good pay-per-click management and testimonials leads to higher click-through and conversion rates.

When it comes to using testimonials next to your Google ads, one thing to note is that you cannot place full reviews. However, Google allows you to place review stars on your ad.

The orange stars, your business’s overall rating, and the number of reviews show useful feedback information that is valuable to homeowners looking for tree services. This can help you stand out from every other listing on Google. If you have a high rating, you will build trust even before customers visit your website.


An often-overlooked marketing tool, customer reviews can create a significant difference in your business’s bottom line if you use them correctly. Inspiring trust in new prospects, customer reviews can help you improve your conversion rate.

This detailed guide looks at the best ways to use customer reviews. If you did not know how to use customer reviews to generate new leads, go ahead and take advantage of the 5 tips outlined in this guide.

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