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We focus on the real metrics that grow your tree service business – sales, revenue, and profit. Our success depends on whether your home service business is getting more phone calls and online quote requests, it’s that simple.

“Home Service Direct is a team that will stand behind you, they care about your growth, & will help with all your marketing needs. I began working with Home Service Direct at the end of 2019. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – Exclusive Quality Leads for an affordable price. I could see the increase in leads I was receiving almost immediately.  I had the best summer of my career with leads flooding in thanks to Home Service Direct’ marketing efforts.”

Brown's Tree Service

Lance Brown,
Owner, Brown's Tree Service

Pay Per Click for Tree Service Providers:
The Ultimate Strategy

Dominate Your Local Market With Our Tree Service Ads For Your Tree Service Business

Trying to come up with an ideal pay-per-click advertising strategy to help you generate great results for your tree service company at minimum cost?

Our knowledge of the tree service industry and 10+ years of experience in PPC advertising make us the go-to company for all matters related to online advertising.

In this guide, we will provide you with everything you will need to get clicks from the right people, generate more leads, and set your tree service company on course for long-term growth.

Our Traffic Sources We Use To Generate Leads For Your Tree Service Business


With the help of Home Service Direct SEO experts, you can take advantage of all tree-related searches happening in your locality. Our team will ensure that your website ranks in Google’s local pack. This will direct high-quality leads to your website, resulting in high conversion rates.


Helping your company with Tree Service ads acquire high conversion and highly-targeted traffic. Our team of experienced PPC specialists will help you run an effective PPC campaign. With Home Service Direct backing your PPC advertising, maximizing your online leads will be easy.


We create high converting tree service websites that build trust & credibility and compels a visitor to take action by explaining why your tree service business is the best. Our custom-designed, mobile responsive websites and landing pages guarantee maximum conversion rates. 


Flawless web design & development is a major part of our tree service digital marketing efforts. Whether you need a new website or you would like to redesign an existing one, our team of expert web developers can help. Home Service Direct ensures that your website is easy to navigate, fast, and has conversion features in the right places.


Home Service Direct will display relevant tree service ads to people who are interested in tree services. If these potential clients have visited your website before, we will use retargeting ads to remind them that your company offers the best services. This will prompt these customers to come back to your website and request a quote or give you a call.


With our call tracking and recording features, we eliminate the guesswork in digital marketing. We help you figure out which landing pages generate the most calls, most high-quality leads, and top conversion rates. Helping you understand your conversions better, our call tracking system will help you spend your marketing budget more wisely.


We’ve Helped Dozens of Tree Service Companies
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Successful Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns for Tree Service Companies

After talking to a large number of tree service providers throughout the United States, one thing we have gathered is that most of them have a negative view of Google Ads and other Pay Per Click platforms.

From the information we gathered, there are 2 main scenarios:

    • Scenario 1 – This is where someone has spent a lot of money with Google Ads, only to get zero Return on Investment (ROI). This can be equated to throwing away money.
    • Scenario 2 – Tree service business owners see how much it costs per click – in some cases, between $15 and $20 – and they think spending this amount of money on advertising isn’t a good idea.

One thing these tree service providers may not understand is that a pay per click campaign that is properly set up can be very profitable, earning an incredible ROI.

It is not uncommon for tree service providers to pick a few keywords, stuff them in a single ad group, bid the ad either too low or too high and then send the PPC-generated traffic to their website’s homepage. This is never a good way to use Google AdWords.

Google is always working towards making even the paid listings relevant to its userbase. This means that your ad quality and the landing page are relevant to where your paid listing gets placed, along with the amount you pay for each click.

For example, if a homeowner is searching for “emergency tree removal”, your advertisement won’t work well if it:

  • Lacks the main headline about “Emergency Tree Removal”.
  • Doesn’t encourage the homeowner to contact your company on the spot to get the tree removed.
  • Doesn’t give a convincing reason why the homeowner should choose you over others.

If a potential customer decides to click your Ad, the page they land on should also address the above concerns.

If you fail to invest time to address the 3 concerns, you will be back in scenario 1, where you will be spending a lot of cash on the ads and getting minimal value. If your landing page and ad do not provide a convincing answer to the query that the homeowner searched online, the chances of him/her contacting you will be very minimal – in most cases, they won’t contact you at all.

So, what is the most ideal way to set up your campaign(s)?

The most effective way to maximize your return on investment is to take your time to plan all the tree services you would like to advertise. Next, perform extensive research and group sets of related keywords together in their ad group.

For example:

  • Put all the “Tree Trimming Service” keywords together in 1 ad group. Group all “Tree Removal Service” keywords in a separate ad group.
  • For every ad group, create a detailed ad copy that talks about the service(s).
  • Create relevant landing pages for each ad group – once a potential client clicks on an advertisement, he/she should end up on a relevant landing page that gives benefits and information about the service they clicked on.

By doing this, the Google quality score that calculates the ad rank will improve. In addition to getting lower costs for each click, your conversion rates will increase – this means more leads at a lower budget.



Team Up With Home Service Direct - This Could Be Your Business In Our Next Amazing Case Study.

Case Study

Brown's Tree Service

Brown’s Tree Service is one of the oldest and largest tree service companies serving the Fort Worth, TX area. In 2019, Brown’s Tree Service was generating some leads via Google Ads. They had very little online presence, no marketing strategy, and some customers. There were multiple reputable and respected tree care companies already in this market. We have increased their market presence significantly.

The Results





Our Challenge:

Give Brown's Tree Service an online presence while adjusting strategies for growth.

Our Strategy:

"I began working with Home Service Direct at the end of 2019. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse - Exclusive Quality Leads for an affordable price. I could see the increase in leads I was receiving almost immediately. The higher lead volume and more work have allowed me to double my crew size and have a consistent amount of business throughout the year. I began to increase my lead budget and saw my tree service business growing rapidly. They are really good at going over the leads - it's a really smooth setup. I love it! In less than one year I have become one of the largest tree companies in my market, and I always refer Home Service Direct over to other tree service companies for marketing. Great people to work with, I wouldn’t even consider working with anyone else."

Lance Brown

Owner, Brown's Tree Service
Fort Worth, TX

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Tree Service Companies

PPC advertising features a large number of benefits. They include:

  • In a single day, you can set up entire campaigns, make them live, and place your website at the top of the first results page for search terms like “tree service provider” and “tree trimmers in [insert your city]”. All this will be done with a click of a button. If you were to use SEO to achieve these same results, it would take you 6 to 12 months.
  • Targeting specific areas of interest is easy – you can target income levels, demographics, locations, etc. Google already has data on everything. You can take advantage of this data to make your ads appear to your company’s target audience.
  • You will be serving the ads to potential clients. This means that they are already at the bottom of your sales funnel in their buying process. Their goal is to take action and have someone take a look at their tree – in most cases, as soon as possible. Your ad will allow your company to turn the search engine users into clients.

Different Pay Per Click Platforms

Although there is a large number of PPC platforms, two stand out – they are Bing Ads and Google Ads (AdWords). Home Service Direct focuses on these platforms – we use them in every tree service marketing campaign we work on.

When you run your campaign with Google Ads, your adverts will appear on Google Search Network and if you choose to, some of Google’s partners.

With Bing Ads, your adverts will be served on Bing’s search engine, and several of its partners, including Yahoo!

Which Platform Should Use?

If you are thinking of taking advantage of PPC advertising, your money will get you maximum value when invested in both Bing and Google platforms.

4 out of every 5 searches that happen online are done using Google – this means that the internet giant owns 80% of the search market. Bing, on the other hand, is a hidden gem with a fewer number of advertisers – this allows it to generate impressive results.

That said, our main focus is on Google Ads. We invest between 85 and 90% of our client’s PPC budget on Google ads and the remaining 10 to 15% on Bing Ads.

In addition to bringing different demographics to the table, this allows us to see how each platform responds. The advertisement cost on Bing is usually less compared to Google’s costs.

How Tree Service Providers Can Get an Impressively High ROI with PPC Advertising

To get a fantastic ROI with your PPC advertising efforts, you should set up ad groups based on very specific services. Write a very compelling and specific text ad that matches your group of keywords. Next, prepare a landing page that matches what your potential client typed in the search bar for your ad to appear.

If you do this, you will be able to improve your quality score. This should make you more successful with your Google and Bing ads campaigns.

PPC for Tree Service Providers: Are You Using Paid Online Advertising the Right Way?

The key to increasing your traffic, fueling your company’s growth, and staying ahead of your competitors is to do your PPC campaign the right way. In addition to placing your business right in front of your target audience’s eyes, a well-planned PPC campaign will make your business more trustworthy, increasing the number of potential clients who contact you.

With better rankings, you will drive more traffic to your website – this means more customers and more money for your company.

In addition to assigning expert and professional PPC managers to our client’s campaigns, Home Service Direct understands the tree service industry front and back. When working with us, you are guaranteed of getting ahead of your competitors within a short period.

Feel free to contact us to get your FREE Strategy and Audit Session. We will give you a blueprint of how our team will use our proven system to make you the #1 tree service business in your local area. We will show you how we can help your business take leads and clients from your competitors.


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