Though an extremely hard part of digital marketing, phone call tracking is extremely important for businesses that depend on calls for lead generation. To make things easier for business owners, Home Service Direct has created a simple and affordable system for tracking calls – this system keeps you updated on where your leads come from.  In this detailed guide, we will provide you with all the details you need to get familiar with this system.


A call tracking software makes it possible for you to determine the origin of your business’s phone calls. By making use of various phone numbers tagged in your phone call tracking software, you can easily designate a particular source for each phone number that calls your business. This allows you to determine whether the prospect called you from a billboard they came across or if they got your number on the business website.


Our online call tracking software is designed with capabilities and features to boost the growth of your business. Whether you use it for service call tracking for your established leads or web-based tracking for potential clients, the call tracking software can speed up your growth.


If your customers prefer calling rather than filling out the online form on your website, call tracking will be a great addition to your business. People who choose to call, rather than fill the online form, are usually higher quality leads and you have a higher chance of converting them into paying customers.

If you are not taking advantage of call tracking tools, you might be seriously undermining the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. Also, you could be lowering your conversion rate.

Our call tracking software gives you the ability to track calls and hence gauge your online conversions effectively. With the software, gauging and reporting on every prospect/customer inquiry becomes possible.


All your incoming phone calls will still be routed to the central information line. However, different phone numbers make it possible for our call tracking software to determine exactly how every caller came to your business website. This is done by logging every call with the website’s analytics reports.

Home Service Direct then combines data from your website analytics with website call tracking in a way that ensures 100% accuracy in conversion reporting. Our phone call tracking service is compatible with Google Analytics and other analytics products. In addition to offering tracking for the source and number of phone conversions, our online tracking software can be configured to offer geographical data regarding prospects who called after visiting your website.

After implementing call tracking data into their marketing system, our clients have managed to:

  • Accurately determine their ROI
  • Minimize the PPC costs
  • Reduce the number of unanswered calls
  • Plan their employee availability around the optimal calling times

Comparing the results produced by Home Service Direct with results from other Internet Marketing companies shows how much we have raised the bar. Our goal is to ensure our clients get maximum benefits for minimal marketing efforts.

Website Call Tracking Tools Will Help Your Business Get Ahead

By gauging the number of leads generated by a particular website, Home Service Direct’s online call tracking software allows us to track the number of calls that originate from visitors viewing your website, or a particular component on the site, say, a landing page or a form.

Our call tracking software is especially valuable for businesses that offer services, where their website visitors have a high likelihood of calling the business rather than filling the “Contact Us” form or placing an online order.

Once the call tracking services have been implemented, Home Service Direct can report the right ROI and make better and more informed decisions on future changes to your site and online marketing strategy. Unlike other Internet Marketing firms who use partial data to figure out client website strategies, we can see the whole picture – this is why Home Service Direct has always generated superior results for all our clients.

Is Online Call Tracking Worth It?

Call tracking is one of the best and most helpful additions to any business. Recording what your prospects and clients say, the call tracking software keeps a record of what they want and who they are. With this information, you can approach every lead uniquely, increasing your conversion rate more quickly.

The information you get from the call tracking software is worth more than what you pay for the software. Irrespective of the phone call tracking option you decide to choose, the data you get will help you make the money back and much more from the positive ROI. Allowing you to get more customers while maintaining a positive ROI, call tracking is worth the investment.

While it is still up to the business owner and his/her marketing team to close the deals your lead generation strategies create, it will be much easier to do when you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Every lead is unique – this means that each individual needs a unique approach. With our online call tracking software, you will have access to everything you would want to make your approach uniquely suited to each lead.


Does your company/business primarily rely on calls for lead generation? Have you ever wondered if an ideal way to track the source of your calls exists?

Our call tracking software is the solution you have been looking for. With its advanced phone call tracking, the software makes it much easier for you to make informed and hence better marketing decisions.


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