The website traffic has grown – now you are receiving a large number of new visitors every month. However, the number of leads isn’t growing – it is still small. Does this sound familiar? The easiest way to fix this problem is by taking advantage of retargeting ads. Saving you both time and money, retargeting ads to previous website visitors can boost your leads significantly.


On average – even with all the necessary conversion elements put in place correctly – only 20% of your website visitors will instantly reach out to you about your home services. Even after spending a lot of money on advertising and SEO, 80% of your hard-earned traffic won’t be contacting you.

Retargeting these previous visitors is the best way to change this. Part of the 80% of your visitors are basically in the “research now, contact later” category – using retargeting ads, you can place your business in front of these prospects.

After visiting your home service website, the potential customers will see your tree service ads while browsing social media and other websites. This is a perfect way to bring prospects back and establish a strong presence for your brand.


You can set up your retargeting ads on the following platforms:

  • YouTube – A large number of people browse videos on YouTube. If you have watched a video on the platform, you probably noticed the ads that come up when transitioning between videos. You can insert a retargeting video advert in the transition to catch your prospect’s attention.
  • Google – Google owns the biggest online marketing platform – many websites have Google ad code on them. When you use Google’s remarketing system, you will be able to show ads on websites that your prospects visit regularly.
  • Facebook/Instagram – Billions of people are active on social media – this makes Instagram and Facebook an ideal place to reach prospects. In addition to being cheap, social media retargeting ads are very effective when it comes to getting customers back into the sales funnel.


When planning your retargeting ad campaign, ensure you have done the following:

  • Have specific offers you can use to lure customers back to your website via the ads
  • Install Google’s Remarketing Tracking code on your business website
  • Install Facebook pixel on your site


If you are new to retargeting, you might question whether it works and if it is necessary. Retargeting does work and it can make a huge difference – this has already been proven via extensive research and testing.

Consider an average homeowner who is looking for home services. This is a huge decision that will most likely come with a significant cost. For this reason, the homeowner will perform extensive research on their preferred home service before thinking of getting estimates from the service providers.

Assuming the research spans a couple of weeks, the homeowner will browse your website and websites belonging to competitors. He/she will then go back to regular browsing, say, on social media and news websites.

This is when retargeting ads becomes extremely important. Since the homeowner had visited your website earlier on, he/she is aware of you – the property owner just hasn’t scheduled an appointment with your company.

If you have already set up an ideal retargeting advertisement system for your website, you can now show your potential prospect an ad on platforms that cater to them directly. You can easily get your brand in front of your potential customer again on:

  • Blogs they enjoy exploring
  • News websites
  • Instagram and Facebook feeds
  • Instagram stories
  • And other internet destinations

An ultimate brand awareness method, retargeting ads allow you to remind your potential client who you are and that they in search of a home service provider. This puts your company at the forefront of the prospect’s mind.

Creating a Specific Retargeting Offer

Using specific offers is the most ideal way to get people back on your website. Specific offers also encourage customers to take action immediately.

Retargeting ads allow you to retarget a previous website visitor based on the pages he/she was checking out. For example, let’s assume that the customer was checking out a page describing tree services on your business website.

An ideal retarget Ad could read: “Limited-Time Special Offer: Get A Discount of Up to 20% Off Your Any Tree Service. The offer expires in 7 days. Grab Your Discount – Schedule a Free Estimate Now”

You can include attention-grabbing media – video or images related to the home service – in the advertisement.

This will capture the prospect’s attention as well as force him/her to take action immediately because of the limited time discount offer.

Offers facilitate retargeting success – this makes them extremely crucial. You want the prospect to come to your website – for this to happen, they need something to look forward to. This can be:

  • A free add-on to the home service they need
  • Discounted service
  • Limited customer offer – for example, if you have a service you only offer to a specific number of people because of its high demand

Retargeting Ads For Your Home Service Business

Investing in a well-crafted retargeting campaign is an ideal way to fuel growth for your home service business. In addition to boosting traffic, it will put your business in front of prospects in your service area. It will give potential clients the encouragement they need to contact you. While a good retargeting campaign takes both patience and time, the results generated by the campaign are always worth the effort.

At Home Service Direct, we will have experts who know everything about the home service industry working on your retargeting campaigns. When working with us, your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing will be handled by people who know and understand all your competitors.

We are offering Free Audit and Strategy Sessions – contact us today to get yours. We will give you a blueprint detailing how we will use our system to make your home service rank at number #1 in your local area while getting leads from your competitors.


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