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“Home Service Direct is a team that will stand behind you, they care about your growth, & will help with all your marketing needs. I began working with Home Service Direct at the end of 2019. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – Exclusive Quality Leads for an affordable price. I could see the increase in leads I was receiving almost immediately.  I had the best summer of my career with leads flooding in thanks to Home Service Direct’ marketing efforts.”

Brown's Tree Service

Lance Brown,
Owner, Brown's Tree Service

Tree Service SEO: Our Strategies Revealed?

Dominate Your Local Market With Our SEO Services For Your Tree Service Business

Trying to figure out which SEO strategies take other tree service websites to the top of the search engine’s results?

With over 10 years of SEO experience and a deep understanding of the tree service business, we understand the tree service SEO industry inside and out.

In this detailed guide, we will help you figure out what you need to do to get your tree service website right in front of your customers – that is, on the first result of Google search results! We will teach you how to:

  • Secure top rankings on Google Maps
  • Put your website on the first result of Google organic search
  • Increase your website traffic and multiply the leads you get online
  • Dominate the tree service market by staying ahead of your competitors

As a future-oriented tree service business owner, you should put a lot of focus on your SEO strategy. A large number of homeowners use Google to search for tree service providers in your area. These potential customers pick up their phone and contact the companies Google provides first before deciding on the tree service company they would like to work with.

If your tree service website is not appearing on the top results, you will be missing out on a lot of leads. To help you catch the potential clients’ eyes every time they search for tree services on Google, we have decided to show you everything Home Service Direct does when planning an SEO campaign for a tree service business.

Tree Service SEO Services For Your Tree Service Business


With the help of Home Service Direct SEO experts, you can take advantage of all tree-related searches happening in your locality. Our team will ensure that your website ranks in Google’s local pack. This will direct high-quality leads to your website, resulting in high conversion rates.


Helping your company with Pay-Per-Click ads acquire high conversion and highly-targeted traffic. Our team of experienced PPC specialists will help you run an effective PPC campaign. With Home Service Direct backing your PPC advertising, maximizing your online leads will be easy.


We create high converting tree service websites that build trust & credibility and compels a visitor to take action by explaining why your tree service business is the best. Our custom-designed, mobile responsive websites and landing pages guarantee maximum conversion rates. 


Flawless web design & development is a major part of our tree service digital marketing efforts. Whether you need a new website or you would like to redesign an existing one, our team of expert web developers can help. Home Service Direct ensures that your website is easy to navigate, fast, and has conversion features in the right places.


Home Service Direct will display relevant ads to people who are interested in tree services. If these potential clients have visited your website before, we will use retargeting ads to remind them that your company offers the best services. This will prompt these customers to come back to your website and request a quote or give you a call.


With our call tracking and recording features, we eliminate the guesswork in digital marketing. We help you figure out which landing pages generate the most calls, most high-quality leads, and top conversion rates. Helping you understand your conversions better, our call tracking system will help you spend your marketing budget more wisely.


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SEO For Your Tree Service Business - How Can This help groy my company?

  • Tree Service SEO will allow your company to be more competitive on the web for buyer-related search terms. Using strategically researched and relevant keywords across your company’s website will allow your business to rank higher in the SERP – Search Engine Results Page – for search queries such as “best tree service providers” and “tree service companies near me”. This will put your website in front of more potential clients, increasing your leads over time.
  • SEO forces companies to take a harder look at their websites’ content and services. This helps businesses create a better user experience for both search engine bots and website visitors (potential clients).
  • 80% of consumers find local information through search engines. This makes it even more important for you to take advantage of tree service SEO. In addition to making you more visible, it makes you appear more trustworthy to potential leads. 

What Kind of ROI Should You Expect on SEO?

On long-term tree service SEO, the Return on Investment (ROI) is guaranteed to be incredible. As an added benefit, you can recoup the amount you spend on SEO by doing one or two extra jobs every month from your newfound online leads

With time and as your SEO efforts start generating maximum results, your tree service company will be able to get 10x to 20x more jobs and leads every month, compared to what you were getting before you started taking advantage of top-rated SEO strategies.

At Home Service Direct, we typically work to generate maximum ROI within 4 to 6 months. From there, you will be generating maximum revenue from your already established position on the SERPs.

How to Measure Success from Your SEO Campaign

Knowing how to calculate the success of your tree service SEO campaign is as important as understanding how to work on search engine optimization. Home Service Direct uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to figure out how effective our work is. The KPIs for your tree service business should be perfectly aligned with your business goals, timeline, and budget.

KPIs help us understand what is working and what isn’t. This makes it possible for us to make the necessary adjustments monthly to ensure we are en route to generating the desired results. When working on an SEO strategy, we assess and report on the following:

  • Organic Search Rankings – This is the change in ranking for specific keywords over time.
  • Organic Traffic – The number of people visiting your website, whose origin is the SERPs.
  • New Leads – The number of people contacting your company via a phone call or by filling your website’s contact form.
  • Bounce Rate – Also known as Time on Site, Bounce Rate allows us to see if the website visitors are clicking deeper on your website and engaging with the content or they are leaving immediately.


Team Up With Home Service Direct - This Could Be Your Business In Our Next Amazing Case Study.

Case Study

Brown's Tree Service

Brown’s Tree Service is one of the oldest and largest tree service companies serving the Fort Worth, TX area. In 2019, Brown’s Tree Service was generating some leads via Google Ads. They had very little online presence, no marketing strategy, and some customers. There were multiple reputable and respected tree care companies already in this market. We have increased their market presence significantly.

The Results





Our Challenge:

Give Brown's Tree Service an online presence while adjusting strategies for growth.

Our Strategy:

"I began working with Home Service Direct at the end of 2019. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse - Exclusive Quality Leads for an affordable price. I could see the increase in leads I was receiving almost immediately. The higher lead volume and more work have allowed me to double my crew size and have a consistent amount of business throughout the year. I began to increase my lead budget and saw my tree service business growing rapidly. They are really good at going over the leads - it's a really smooth setup. I love it! In less than one year I have become one of the largest tree companies in my market, and I always refer Home Service Direct over to other tree service companies for marketing. Great people to work with, I wouldn’t even consider working with anyone else."

Lance Brown

Owner, Brown's Tree Service
Fort Worth, TX

How to Optimize SEO for Your Tree Service Business

Building your website’s authority is a crucial part of search engine optimization. This is usually done through the off-page SEO part of the campaign. But, what exactly does the term “authority” mean in this case?

We want to let the search engines know that your tree service website should be the “Go To Site” for information, questions, and answers related to tree services. If Google views your website as the “Authority” in the tree service industry, it will be more likely to rank at the top of the search results related to your focus keywords.

The initial part of SEO takes place on your website. It includes:

  • Improving on-page SEO
  • Creating high-quality content
  • Optimizing your website to boost user experience and improve conversions

Once you are done with the 3 steps outlined above, the next step is to build high-quality inbound links to your tree service website. This is known as link building. What makes it extremely important is the fact that Google’s search algorithm still views links to your website as the most important ranking factor.

Your tree service website can have all the necessary pages and the best content, but if it has no high-quality in-bound links or only poor websites link to your website, Google won’t place your website at the top of its results.

In Google’s eyes, links are more like votes from other websites. These votes put your website ahead of the competition, giving Google the impression that your website is the one that should appear first for a particular search query.

As you have probably figured out, to improve your ranking on search engines, you should invest your time in acquiring high-quality links. By “high-quality links” we mean links from websites that Google already trusts.

Home Service Direct can help you establish authority for your tree service website. We can show you how to drive top-quality links to the site, pushing you far ahead of your competitors.

SEO for Tree Service Providers: The Best Way to Make Your Business Stand Out Online

Investing in a perfectly done SEO campaign can increase your website traffic, boost your monthly leads, and fuel long-term growth of your tree service business. It can position your business front and center in your area of operation and give off the trust that potential clients need to contact your company.

Better rankings = more visitors to your website = more leads and customers for your company

While a strategic Search Engine Optimization Campaign may take both patience and time, the result is always worth the wait. Home Service Direct not only has SEO experts working on your campaigns, but we have a deep understanding of the tree service industry. Working with us means working with a team that understands your competitors and what you need to do to get ahead of them.

Contact us today to secure your FREE Strategy and Audit Session. We will give you access to a blueprint detailing how we can use our system to make your company the #1 ranked tree service business in your area of service. We will show you how to re-route high-quality leads from your competitors to your company’s door!


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