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If you’re a tree service business owner, then you know that finding leads can be tough. But what if I told you there was a way to get exclusive tree service leads? That’s right, leads that are only available to you and no one else. Interested?

“Home Service Direct is a team that will stand behind you, they care about your growth, & will help with all your marketing needs. I began working with Home Service Direct at the end of 2019. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – Quality Exclusive Tree Leads for an affordable price. I could see the increase in tree leads I was receiving almost immediately.  I had the best summer of my career with leads flooding in thanks to Home Service Direct’ marketing efforts.”

HLI Tree Experts


Leonard Aquilar,
Owner, HLI Tree Service

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Generate Exclusive Tree Service Leads Today For Your Business


With the help of Home Service Direct SEO experts, you can take advantage of all tree-related searches happening in your locality. Our team will ensure that your website ranks in Google’s local pack. This will direct high-quality leads to your website, resulting in high conversion rates.


Helping your company with Pay-Per-Click ads acquire high conversion and highly-targeted traffic. Our team of experienced PPC specialists will help you run an effective PPC campaign. With Home Service Direct backing your PPC advertising, maximizing your online leads will be easy.


We create high converting tree service websites that build trust & credibility and compels a visitor to take action by explaining why your tree business is the best. Our custom-designed, mobile responsive websites and landing pages guarantee maximum conversion rates. 


Flawless web design & development is a major part of our digital marketing efforts. Whether you need a new website or you would like to redesign an existing one, our team of expert web developers can help. Home Service Direct ensures that your website is easy to navigate, fast, and has conversion features in the right places.


Home Service Direct will display relevant tree service ads to people who are interested in local tree service companies. If these potential clients have visited your website before, we will use retargeting ads to remind them that your company offers the best services. This will prompt these customers to come back to your website and request a quote or give you a call.


With our call tracking and recording features, we eliminate the guesswork in digital marketing. We help you figure out which landing pages generate the most calls, most high-quality leads, and top conversion rates. Helping you understand your conversions better, our call tracking system will help you spend your marketing budget more wisely.

Exclusive Tree Service Leads For Your Tree Care Business

Dominate Your Local Market With Our Tree Service Lead Generation Services For Your Tree Service Business

A specialized marketing strategy is crucial when promoting a company within a specific industry. This is why working with an exclusive lead services company like Home Service Direct is vital for tree service businesses looking to succeed in their marketing campaigns. We focus on the real metrics that grow tree service businesses – sales, revenue, and profit.

Our team of exclusive tree service lead experts can help with assessing your tree business and creating a marketing plan to boost your company’s online presence and bring you more tree jobs. When working with us, you are guaranteed to get more quality tree removal leads & tree trimmings for your tree service business, which are tree service calls that you turn into customers.

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Exclusive Tree Service Leads Marketing

We Will Provide a Major Increase In Tree Removal & Tree Trimming Leads And Revenue In Their First Month

We Build Campaigns For Sustainable, Explosive Growth.
Over the past decade, the demand for tree services has been growing steadily. As of 2020, more than 184,256 tree service providers are taking advantage of this growing demand in the United States.

With most home owners turning to the internet to find solutions to their tree-related problems, a lot of these tree service businesses have already established an online presence. With the growing competition for lead generation for your tree service company, the only way to stand out is to ensure your tree company ranks at the top in the search results pages. At Home Service Direct, we put you right in front of your new customers, helping you get more tree services leads.

Tree service lead generation is one of the most beneficial marketing tools; it saves you time and money. Why? Because you can reach a lot more than just one person at a time door knocking; your targeted audience is limitless with lead services. With lead generation for tree service business, you will have the ability to reach a wide audience at once. From all around your service area, they could also be from different areas. You will be able to choose how far you want to service.

To illustrate that point further, let’s say that you are interested in gaining tree trimming leads for your tree service company in Austin, TX. You can simply search in Austin from the search box in a Google Ads search, and the list of potential customers that are located in Austin will now be displayed for you to choose from.

With print advertising, you would either have to purchase a publication or pay a subscription for an online publication. This is time and money-draining because you would have to create and print new publications constantly to reach as many people as possible. In addition, it could be difficult for searches to be specific, which means that they may not result in immediate prospects.

By using our quality tree service leads system, you can promote your tree services business without wasting any time or money. This is because there are many options available to people today to use the internet for personal use, and whenever someone searches for something related to your tree service business, your ad could be shown to them. For instance, if someone typed the words “tree cutting” into Google, your ad could very well be displayed on the side of their search results page. This means you will be seen by the people who are searching for a tree service business like yours.

With our lead generation company, you can get your tree business out there in an instant. You won’t have to spend hours on end trying to find customers, which means that your time is being used wisely and efficiently growing your arborist company.

Home Service Direct is a top-rated lead services company that focuses on delivering high quality tree services leads for tree companies. Our main goal is to help you maximize the profitability of your tree service businesses online presence.

With the tree industry growing each year, new tree service providers have ample opportunity to join the marketplace. New tree service demands like tree trimming & pruning, tree removal, tree cutting, arborist, tree planting and transplanting, fallen trees, tree fertilization, and tree storm preparation & support systems can be ideal selling propositions for new companies trying to dominate the market.


Our Tree Service Clients Get Results

Team Up With Home Service Direct - This Could Be Your Business In Our Next Amazing Case Study.

Tree Service Case Study

Brown's Tree Service

Brown’s Tree Service is one of the oldest and largest tree service companies serving the Fort Worth, TX area. In 2019, Brown’s Tree Service was generating some leads via Google Ads. They had very little online presence, no marketing strategy, and some customers. There were multiple reputable and respected tree care companies already in this market. We have increased their market presence significantly.

The Results





Our Challenge:

Give Brown's Tree Service an online presence while adjusting strategies for growth.

Our Strategy:

"I began working with Home Service Direct at the end of 2019. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse - Exclusive Quality Leads for an affordable price. I could see the increase in leads I was receiving almost immediately. The higher lead volume and more work have allowed me to double my crew size and have a consistent amount of business throughout the year. I began to increase my lead budget and saw my tree service business growing rapidly. They are really good at going over the leads - it's a really smooth setup. I love it! In less than one year I have become one of the largest tree companies in my market, and I always refer Home Service Direct over to other tree service companies for marketing. Great people to work with, I wouldn’t even consider working with anyone else."

Leonard Aguilar

Owner, HLI Tree Experts
Riverside, CA

How We Generate Tree Service Leads For
Your Company

After being in the tree service industry for years, we have managed to develop a quality tree service leads marketing system that works for all our clients. Through extensive research, lots of trials, and lots of errors along the way, we have managed to isolate what works from what does not work.

With our current experience, it is a win-win for every tree provider that works with us. Our tree service lead generation system is tailored to ensure your brand stays in front of customers looking for tree service providers on the internet. Couple that with a lead generation website, impressive landing pages, converting advertising offers, and your tree removal company will never have to worry about getting new clients.

So, how does our tree service lead generation system work? Below, we take a deeper look!

We Build Tree Service Websites That Convert Visitors into Tree service Leads

Featuring slick call to actions on both mobile and desktop, a fast-loading and beautiful design, and custom-tailored with great imagery, informative content, and branding for your business, a website will be the starting point for our tree service lead generation efforts.

When working with Home Service Direct, every aspect of our website will be custom-built to suit your business. Our websites will include the following features:

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design – the website will reformat to suit any device
  • Impressive tap to call buttons for visitors using their cell phones
  • Multi-step conversion forms that push the prospects to request for additional information
  • High-quality videos and images
  • Fast-loading hosting to help you avoid losing clients because of slow speeds
  • Custom content that is optimized for search engines
  • A regularly updated blog featuring timeless content

We Run Your Strategic Tree Services Pay Per Call Campaigns

Our goal is to ensure that our campaigns are in front of your potential customers. By ensuring you are everywhere people look, we can help you generate a lot of tree leads consistently.

We will have our campaigns listed on Instagram & Facebook feeds, Bing & Google’s PPC (pay-per-click) advertising platforms, popular blogs and websites, and other relevant internet platforms. This will help capture as many prospects’ eyes as possible.

Home Service Direct PPC lead generation services are custom-tailored to generate leads for your tree service company and stand out from the competition. By making our campaign the only option for property owners looking for tree removal services, you end up getting more calls and estimate requests.

We achieve maximum ROI (Return on Investment) for our clients because of the following:

  • Home Service Direct only works with tree service providers – for this reason, we have a huge amount of data at our fingertips to help our tree service lead generation campaigns.
  • Our PPC campaigns are all optimized from the beginning – your tree company won’t have to wait to figure out what works and what doesn’t. We start generating leads within 48 hours of signed agreement.
  • Our clients close 90% – on average, our tree service exclusive leads distribute high quality exclusive leads that return a high close ratio.

We Take Advantage of Local SEO to Rank in Google Maps

Good local search engine optimization will return a good about of leads via Google Maps, returning even more phone calls for your company. You will notice a significant difference in lead quality when property owners interested in tree services start our Google Map listings in top 3 results.

Our team is made of tree service digital experts. Working with us will help you dominate in your local market – this will be a game-changer for your business. Our clients typically see the shift to the top tree service company within the first 90 days of working with us.

Local search engine marketing for tree providers has 2 main parts – On-page optimization and Off-site optimization. Below, we take care of of both parts.

On-Page Optimization

  • Incorporating local city names in the page titles
  • Using the relevant tree service & removal keywords throughout the website
  • Optimizing video content and image tags
  • Creating content that helps position our website as an authority in the tree industry

Off-Site Optimization

  • Build top-quality backlinks for our website from related tree websites
  • Build citations and mentions for your tree business in prominent internet directories
  • Make your tree service website stand out on the internet

In the end, your tree company website will be appearing at the top of the search result’s page across all search engines.

Our Exclusive Lead Generation System offers an ideal starting point for anyone planning to make his/her company dominate the local market. If you would like to dominate your competition, the team at Home Service Direct can help you.

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