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Developing a tree service marketing strategy that helps your business connect with tree service leads in a meaningful way can be challenging. When it comes to multi-location marketing, things can get even more challenging.

For a large number of tree service providers, the biggest worry is that their messaging may become diluted as it spreads from one location to the other. This often leaves tree care companies wondering how to maintain optimal coverage and consistency. What’s more, these companies often want to know the ideal way to maintain an affordable budget when targeting a large number of locations with their marketing.

At Home Service Direct, we understand how overwhelming multi-location marketing can be. Everything from the marketing budget to your brand guidelines to your need to use additional technology can easily seem like wading in muddy waters.

However, the good news is that with the right strategy, approaching expansion into different locations should be much easier. In this detailed guide, we will show you the various methods you can use to market your tree service business to various locations.

7 Tips on How to Handle Multi-Location Marketing for Your Tree Service Business

1.   Have a Unique Page for Each Location on Your Tree Service Website

When marketing your tree service business to multiple locations, having a custom-designed website is extremely vital. What’s even more vital is having a specific—and unique page—for each location you are targeting.

For the local pages to perform well, ensure they have unique content. This means that copying and pasting content from one page to the other will not work. With unique content, taking advantage of tree service SEO becomes much easier as you can target each specific location with the right keywords.

2.   Have a Google My Business Listing for Each Location

Local SEO is one of the most effective tree service marketing techniques. When used correctly, this multi-location marketing method can help you close more tree service deals. The Google My Business page lies right in the middle of Local SEO.

When setting up your Google My Business page, ensure you have a unique street address and phone number. This is essential even if in the back end, all the calls are redirected to your main office.

It is worth noting that Google may review the street views when verifying your business location for the Google My Business page. As such, having a physical mailbox and visible road signage may help you with the verification process.

On the Google My Business page, be sure to add a link to the location’s page on your main tree service website. This is much more helpful than having all the Google My Business pages link back to your website’s homepage.

3.   Use Software to Maintain Consistency

When setting up your Google My Business page, technology can be extra helpful. It can help with automatically syncing your company’s information with business directories like Hotfrog. Software like Moz Local can help you maintain consistency across numerous online directories.

Consistency is a vital ranking factor. However, staying on top of every location you are targeting may not be easy for you—with the help of software like Moz Local, you can make everything more manageable.

4.   Have Unique Marketing Assets for Each Location

One of the biggest challenges tree service companies face as they grow into new locations involves creating marketing assets unique to each location. When we mention marketing assets, we are referring to:

  • Case studies
  • Blog content
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Customer testimonials

Without these assets, getting noticed in the competitive tree service market can be hard. What’s more, when creating your marketing assets, ensure they can connect with the leads you wish to convert into customers. Local assets create a better marketing environment for your company as they show your leads that your company is connected to the local area.

5.   Generate Reviews for Each Location

A key part of multi-location marketing is to put in the effort to generate testimonials for your tree service business. When homeowners are looking for tree care services, they check reviews written by previous clients to gauge how effective the business is when it comes to tree maintenance services.

Homeowners want to work with a 5-star company. And even if you offer the best services, without testimonials, no one can tell how good your company is.

Customer reviews can help your business build authority. This is extremely vital, especially for companies that are new in the tree service industry.

When it comes to collecting customer testimonials, you have two major options—Yelp vs. Google Reviews. The good news is that you can use both options to collect testimonials. However, reviews left on each of your local Google My Business pages may have a more positive impact on your business.

6.   Set Aside a Paid Search Budget for Each Location

When used correctly, tree service pay per click can be a good source of exclusive tree service leads. However, when it comes to pay-per-click management, most companies make the mistake of not separating their budgets.

When preparing your marketing budget, it is always wise to have a separate budget for each location you are targeting. In most cases, you will need to allocate more dollars to marketing in a new location than you would when marketing in a location you have already managed to penetrate. Combining your budget for different locations can easily force you to eat into the whole budget with a single location.

7.   Localize Your Email Marketing

When it comes to using email for multi-location marketing, ensure your emails are targeted to customers and leads in one location. Even if your company has a more general email that applies to everyone on your email list, be sure to have localized phone numbers and hyperlinks that send the leads to local pages.

This tip is extra vital when you are promoting various seasonal offers that apply differently in varying locations. What’s more, localizing your emails helps your business send out messages that prospects can relate to.

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