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There’s no doubt that effective advertising is essential for any tree service business looking to grow fast. But with so many different advertising options available, it can be tough to know which ones are the most effective. In this blog post, we’ll look at five of the best tree service ads out there and discuss why they work so well. So, if you want to take your business to the next level, keep reading!

In 2015, there were 91,949 tree trimming businesses in the United States. Within 3 years, more than 13,000 new tree trimming businesses were established—the number hit 104,957 in 2018. If you have a tree service business in the US in 2023, you are competing against 150,065 companies offering tree services.

These numbers show one thing—the competition in the tree service industry is extremely high. Making your business stand out from thousands of others offering similar services can be a challenge. However, this does not mean there is no way to rise above competitors.

One of the best ways to make your tree care business stand out is by investing in the right tree service marketing. Your business has to take advantage of a comprehensive ad strategy to keep its tree service leads pipeline full.

Today, companies offering tree services have access to numerous methods of advertising tree service procedures. With too many options to choose from when it comes to tree service ads, tree care providers are often left confused. Do you use pay-per-click ads or invest in social media ads?

This detailed guide will help you discover 5 advertising methods you can focus on—this will help you avoid putting all your eggs in the same basket when it comes to marketing your company. The tree service ad options in this article have a high ROI and are extremely easy to get started with.

5 High-Performing Tree Service Ads That Drive Results

1. Google Ads – Get More Tree Work with Google

For many tree care providers, one of the first things that come to mind when they hear the term “Google” is search engine optimization. While search engine optimization is a great way to generate leads, it often takes time before generating results.

For this reason, one of the best tree service marketing ideas for generating immediate leads is using Google ads. Google gives tree service businesses access to multiple ways of marketing their services.

When setting up ads for your tree care business, Google Ads is a good place to start. Google allows you to run multiple types of ads, with the most popular ones being tree service pay-per-click and local service ads.

The easiest way to start advertising your tree service business on Google is to set up a Google My Business account. From the account, you should be able to create your ads and manage your preferred monthly budget. Even better, the Google My Business account gives you the ability to focus on Local SEO which ensures your business pops up when ideal customers in your area of operation search for tree services.

What’s more, having a Google My Business account does not just get your tree trimming team that extra job—it also gives you a chance to enjoy reviews from your previous customers. Whether someone is using a touch phone or a computer to request help with his plant or plants, they get the chance to give your company a nice rating.

If you manage to handle things well—from the calls to the actual tree service procedure—the nice experience should convince your ideal customer to give you a good review. This can help you generate more landscape and garden maintenance clients.

With local service Google ads (LSAs), your business will get to create ads that appear as tree service listing for selected locations. Local service listings are ideal for tree care providers operating under a tight advertising budget because they cost less and allow your business to target the local area and improve the potential of generating high-worth leads.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Google ads, on the other hand, allow you to target a bigger audience with a bigger location range and multiple search keyword terms—these ads show up in the search results and usually have an AD icon next to them. For example, if your company offers its services in multiple counties or states in the US, rather than focusing on creating LSAs for each area, setting up a single PPC ad targeting all your operation areas may take less time and be more effective.

Using key search terms like “tree removal,” “tree service,” “tree pruning,” etc. can help potential clients locate your business when searching on Google.

For advertising on Google, the cost of ads often varies. While this could be surprising to a large number of people, it is extremely easy to see why the cost changes.

Compared to LSAs, PPC is slightly more expensive when it comes to promoting your tree maintenance business. However, PPC ads allow you to better target your audience on the search engine with specific keyword terms. That being said, LSAs are still impressive and cost-effective ways to advertise your tree care business to a local audience and generate more qualified leads.

It is worth noting that tree care businesses can always combine Google Ads with email marketing to penetrate their target market better. When leads visit your website after clicking a Google ad, this is a clear indicator they are interested in tree health, landscape services, or garden improvements.

Capturing their email addresses before any of them leave could guarantee you a tree maintenance project in the future. All you will have to do is use the contact information—email address—to convince the potential client that you offer the best tree maintenance services.

2. Lead Generation Sites – Boost Your Business with Lead Generation Ads

When it comes to the various ways through which you can market your tree service business, lead gen websites like Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and Yelp are excellent tools for promoting a tree care business. Often considered the best way to advertise tree service, Lead generation websites can help your business generate quality leads in a short time.

It is, however, very common for many companies offering tree care tree removal services to ignore the use of ads tree service on lead gen sites. One of the best online marketing ideas, optimized tree websites can help you irrespective of whether you only offer stump grinding, expert tree cutting services, or your team has a major presence when it comes to all things related to tree health and home improvements.

Lead gen websites act as service directories where property owners search for the necessary tree care or lawn care services. The sites show these property owners the businesses in their area offering a service they need. This makes things extremely easy for tree service companies using the right keywords to target the searches with the hope of landing new work or customers.

Most lead generation websites operate similarly to pay-per-click, where your business only pays when leads click on your tree service website or call you via the lead gen website. The lead generation websites that offer the pay-per-click option are ideal since your business only pays for exclusive leads that come in and can potentially make your business money.

The best thing about directory sites like Yelp is that setting up a profile and creating an advertising plan that works within your budget is extremely easy. If you currently do not have a website or you are still working on your website’s conversion optimization, lead generation websites allow tree service companies to link to a social media page instead.

Different lead gen websites will offer you varying rates and will feature different effectiveness depending on the area of service and the tree service procedures your business handles. For this reason, you may want to try several websites to see which leads website give your business the most quality leads.

3. Facebook and Instagram Ads – Target Customers In Your Area

For tree service businesses looking to engage and connect with their target audience while at the same time promoting their tree care procedures, Instagram and Facebook are good options. More importantly, establishing a social media presence and using social media marketing for your tree service business should help your company name develop and will also grow its brand recognition. These reasons make the use of social media to reach people who need help with their trees one of the best tree service advertising ideas.

Facebook features a large number of different ad designs and tree care ad templates that your company can leverage for advertising. What’s more, as part of tree service advertising, the social media platform allows you to promote your tree care companies (or companies) from the posts on your page so you can reach potential customers who are not following your Facebook page.

Facebook offers you varying pricing options for both promoted posts and advertisements. This allows you to customize your advertising plan to fit the budget you have in place for generating more leads.

One thing that makes Facebook a good place to establish a brand presence is that homeowners looking to give you money in exchange for help with their yard and backyard frequent the social media platform. This gives tree service providers an excellent shot at growth.

Whether you are looking to announce new services that are part of your business or your goal is to bring in more leads who need your already established tree maintenance services, Facebook is an excellent place for advertising.

Instagram also allows tree service companies to market their services with ads. However, unlike Facebook, Instagram only allows you to reach tree service customers with stories and posts.

While Instagram may not allow you to create traditional ads, boosted stories and posts carry the added benefit of staying very similar to organic Instagram posts—this means that your target audience is more likely to look at your Instagram ads instead of scrolling past them.

Instagram and Facebook offer businesses more interactive ways to advertise their tree improvement businesses while connecting with their current customers and building stronger brand recognition and customer loyalty. Both platforms allow tree maintenance companies to redirect customers to their tree service websites. With a good landing page on your website, you should be able to easily close the tree care lead and have your crew working on their lawn.

4. Physical Ads – Send Direct Mail To Your Target Customers

Depending on the area you service and the audience you are trying to reach with the services offered by your tree service businesses, digital tree service advertisements may not be the best route for you. Physical ads—such as door hangers, flyers, mailer postcards, and local newspaper ads—may help you close more tree service deals.

If you have Physical ads as part of your tree marketing strategy, you will need to put it in a category of tree service marketing ideas where you are targeting garden and homeowners who may not go online or look at directory listings. Physical ads depending on a smaller service area usually offer a great return on investment as the cost tends to be much lower for the tree service company compared to distributing these ads to a wider location.

Tree service flyers and door hangers are one of the best first steps in physical advertising for any tree company. This is because they are inexpensive to prepare and distribute. However, passing flyers door to door may be time-consuming, and once your tree service schedule starts filling up with leads and customers, the flyers may no longer be feasible.

Postcards or flyers may be a better option if you need a less complicated way to promote your tree service business to a broad audience. You can create a good flyer template that captures the logo phone number and mail out the marketing materials in large numbers at a time. This can work well for a new business that is trying to break into the backyard and tree maintenance industry in a specific zone.

Irrespective of the format you decide to go with when it comes to physical ads, you must have a great design and offer that is eye-catching to the target audience and potential clients. Otherwise, the target audience may throw your physical ad out.

Offering specific tree care services with less competition, a referral program, and special discounts are all excellent options for capturing your target audience’s attention. What’s more, having happy customers can easily allow your company to benefit from word-of-mouth marketing.

5. Leverage Local Area Events for Effective Tree Service Advertising

One of the most underutilized tree service advertising methods, local area events provide opportunities to not only promote your business but also personally interact with potential customers and raise awareness about your company. Local events encompass everything from cottage and gardening events to non-profit gatherings organized by nature preserves. Participating in these events can significantly increase your business.

In most locations across the United States, garden expositions are held for the public to explore offerings from local vendors and learn more about landscaping and gardening. These events are particularly common during spring and summer. Search for such events in your local area and contact the organizing team to reserve a booth for your tree service business.

Typically, you’ll need to pay for your tree service business stand and provide banners and other promotional materials for the booth. However, these events can help you build substantial brand recognition and generate quality leads your business can nurture and turn into paying customers.

The good news is that by participating in local area events, you can not only acquire new tree maintenance customers but also encourage existing customers to return for more services. This repeat business is often an overlooked benefit for companies that fail to engage with their community.

As for social events, consider partnering with a local garden center or nursery to create smaller gatherings where your business can offer presentations on tree care and related topics. This approach educates the public while enhancing your company’s brand image through friendly interactions and public relations.


Your tree care company needs a steady flow of new leads to keep growing. One of the most effective ways to maintain a full lead pipeline is to invest in the right tree service advertising strategies. This comprehensive guide delves deeper into the best marketing approaches for tree services.

If you haven’t utilized advertising before and are looking to begin, consider your company’s target audience and budget. Understanding the audience will help your company identify the ads that are most likely to persuade them to work with you. Knowing your marketing budget will enable your business to choose options that won’t require reallocating funds from other areas to make the advertisements run effectively.

Make sure to experiment with various advertising services and methods to determine where you can find high-quality leads while staying within your budget. While you don’t have to use all advertising methods, focusing on a few that generate results should help you expand your customer base. Additionally, don’t forget to keep your current clients satisfied—with happy customers, securing repeat business should be a breeze.

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