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Have you ever wondered how the top tree service businesses in your area got to be so successful? It’s not all about luck. Many of these businesses have put in a lot of hard work into their marketing efforts. If you’re looking for some ideas to help you 10X your business, then keep reading. In this blog post, we will outline 5 tree service marketing ideas that are sure to deliver the greatest results. Implementing just one or two of these tactics could make a big difference in your bottom line! Let’s get started!

According to a recent report, the number of tree trimming companies in the US has grown from 97,714 in 2017 to 125,065 in 2022. This represents an annual growth rate of 5.1%.

With more and more companies competing for the same opportunities, this means that your tree service business has to work harder to avoid losing customers to competitors. Leveraging good tree service marketing ideas is one of the best ways to ensure your company has a continuous supply of tree maintenance jobs throughout the year.

Whether your business is new in the tree service industry or you have been offering tree maintenance services for decades, these ideas should help you take your revenue to the next level.

Smart Tree Service Marketing Ideas to Help You Raise Your Bottom Line

1.       Make Facebook Your Friend

Facebook carries a large number of benefits for tree service companies. These benefits include:

  • Facebook is the easiest platform for keeping in touch with satisfied customers.
  • Facebook offers an easy way for satisfied customers to spread the word about your tree maintenance business.
  • The platform makes it extremely easy for your tree service business to build its brand—this includes promises and values that transcend the logo.
  • Facebook is still one of the cheapest and easiest ways to run ads.

When advertising on Facebook, you can focus on immediately measurable results and returns. However, this is not the only way to generate results when marketing on Facebook.

Combining posts that show measurable results and returns with posts that are either fun or informational is always a good way to boost brand exposure.

While the informational or fun posts may not always get you a large number of calls, they expand your network, allow you to put your best testimonials on display, and allow your biggest fans to put your brand in front of more eyes by sharing the content.

2.     Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Setting up a Google My Business listing is 100% FREE. What’s even better, the entire process takes just a few minutes.

The moment you have a Google My Business profile, your tree service business becomes eligible to show up in local listings whenever tree owners search for “tree service near me,” “local tree pruner,” “tree removal near me,” and tens of other similar keyword variations.

While setting up a Google My Business profile is one of the most known tree service marketing ideas, some companies often fail to get maximum benefits from their profiles. This is often a result of several mistakes they make when setting up their Google My Business profile.

Below, we will look at some of the ways you can ensure your tree service SEO is helping get you maximum benefits from your Google My Business Profile:

  • Use your business’s actual name – Avoid getting creative or adding some keywords to the name. If your tree service business is called “Houston Tree Service,” don’t call it “Houston Tree Service 24/7” or “Houston Tree Service Day and Night.” Businesses that use fake names on Google My Business end up with lower visibility.
  • Use a working and actual business phone number – Avoid using a tracking phone number—Google will check this number against your company’s actual data. What’s more, avoid using a placeholder phone number. With Google, data inconsistencies usually translate into less visibility for businesses in the local listings.
  • Use your business’s actual address – It is not uncommon for businesses to use virtual offices or P.O. Boxes on Google My Business listings. This, however, can easily cause damage to your company’s visibility. Use your real address, even if it happens to be a home address. If you are using your home address, Google allows you to hide it from searchers so that they can only see your service region or area.
  • Include all the service categories you offer – If you offer lawn care and landscaping in addition to tree trimming and tree removal, be sure to include these categories. Once your company establishes itself for tree care and can easily afford to get rid of the other categories, then you can be picky about the categories listed on your Google My Business profile.
  • Add photos of your employees, equipment, and previous projects – Google tends to show businesses with lots of photos more than those without photos. Rename the image file before uploading to include neighborhoods, specific cities that your company serves, and services you offer—this should give you an edge over competitors who lack keywords in their image files.
  • Include your entire service region – It is not uncommon for tree service providers to only include their ideal service region—this is not always a good thing. Wait until you can afford to be much pickier about the areas you serve to constrict your service area.
  • Include operation hours – This is a very important factor that Google utilizes to decide which companies to show. For example, if your business offers more hours than competitors, this can easily give you an edge.

After creating your Google My Business profile, always be sure to populate the other profiles you create for the business with the same information—that is, the other profiles should share the same phone number, address, and name with your Google My Business profile.

Google does not like to show inaccurate information to online shoppers—this is because anyone who dials a fake number or a dead number trusts the Google search results less. To protect its reputation, Google reduces the visibility of companies with inconsistent data on their profiles.

3.     Take Advantage of the Referral Fee

One of the most effective tree service marketing ideas involves leveraging word of mouth. This advertisement method works well because of one vital reason: people trust their friends more than they trust you.

The next time you get a happy client, consider offering him/her a referral fee. If they refer a new client to you—and the client spends a minimum of $1,000—you can promise to send the previous client a $50 gift card.

A referral fee can easily make a client move from “I will mention your company the next time someone needs tree trimming” to “let me call James to see if he has found a tree trimming company to work on his apples.”

When using the referral fee as a marketing method, be sure to avoid the mistakes we have outlined below:

  • Avoid being cheap – No one will refer a client to you if the client has to spend $2,000 for them to earn $10.
  • Pick one offer and stick with it – You don’t want to waste your time memorizing who has a referral fee of $50 for a $1,000 job and who is waiting for $25 for a $200 deal.
  • Don’t do a bad job – Be sure to go overboard and offer 5-star service to the referred client. Customers won’t recommend a flaky company more than once.
  • Be careful when offering the referral fee – Some sources of referrals—say, real estate agents—can send you hundreds of jobs your way. Your business may not want to pay for all the referrals.

4.     Provide Less Competitive Services

If your tree service business is new, you may find competing with the keyword “tree care” quite hard. However, this is not the only option you can use.

One of the tree service marketing ideas that can put you in front of more customers is competing on less competitive services. With this in mind, try to come up with several, less-competitive services that are an ideal fit for your tree maintenance company.

Once you have your first contract, you can easily post photos of it on social media and complement it with a good call to action. You can then spend some money—say, $5 to $10—to boost the post and reach a bigger audience.

The moment your company starts establishing itself in the landscape maintenance niche, you can then start competing for competitive terms like “tree care.” Your already established reputation should easily open doors for your company.

5.     Partner with a Non-Profit

Irrespective of the number of 5-star testimonials your tree service business receives your chances of being more popular than a nonprofit organization are very low. This is why partnering with nonprofit organizations is one of the best tree service marketing ideas.

Find a local nonprofit that shares the same values as your tree service business and partner with it. The important part is that the nonprofit organization should be big enough and should have a local presence. However, ensure the nonprofit is small enough to accept the help that your tree service business can deliver.

Once you find a nonprofit you can partner with, follow the steps below:

  • Find who is in charge
  • Give him/her an offer:

Below is a good example of an offer you can use:

“In September and October, 3% of the money our company makes will go straight to your charity. In exchange, we want you to help our company promote its services.”

In most cases, small nonprofit organizations will jump at the opportunity. This will allow your tree service business to benefit from the organization’s good name.

When partnering with a nonprofit, always be sure to define their contributions to your company. Do not just assume that they will put your offer on their homepage or Facebook Page. Work with the organization to take stock of the promotional options, explore the options together, and then decide what works for both your company and the organization.

And That is Just the Beginning: Let Home Service Direct Take You Further

Building a successful tree maintenance company is not an easy job. However, the tips we have outlined above should show you where to start.

The moment you become ready to move past the beginning stage, you can always reach out to a company with years of experience in tree service marketing.

Home Service Direct, for example, works hard to ensure tree maintenance companies have a continuous supply of high-quality tree service leads. To achieve this goal, the tree service marketing agency handles everything from custom web design to full-scale tree service marketing.

With previous clients reporting impressive returns on the investments they make when working with Home Service Direct, the agency is equipped to take your tree service business to the next level.

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